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Title: San Antonio 2017 -awful weather!
Post by: Mary Lorenzo on January 22, 2017, 21:12:30 PM
We've been in Puerto Pollensa many times for San Antoni and have usually been blessed with several days of sun & bright blue skies. It's usually pretty chilly at night times but nothing like the weather we've had this week. There have been gale force winds, torrential rain, thunder, lightning & snow. The huge waves in the Bay of Pollensa have ripped small boats & yachts off their moorings. Several broken hulls of various crafts litter the coastline today. Roads across the island have been cut off due to snow in the higher areas & due to flooding lower down. The two main reservoirs have received so much rain they are now overflowing.
The Paseo Anglada Camarassa is littered with seaweed and debris left by the waves & most of the Pine Walk is covered with sand and algae.
It certainly is a week to remember!