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No problem Flyer, to me it should beggar belief that so many politicians and police seem to be up to their eyes in corrupt practices but in recent weeks there have been so many allegations flying about, such practices are quite widespread. Mind, I'll warrant that it's not only in Mallorca such things happen.
News In and Around the Port, or the island / Pickpockets in Mallorca
« Last post by Flyer on July 06, 2016, 08:48:37 AM »
Didn't want to start another post for this link so added to another one from tonsil (sorry for hi-jack) some time ago ....
And the lovely Guillermo is due back at Tots Bar tomorrow....6th July 2016.

Wednesday 9.00pm @ Tots Bar.... Guillermo Segui Rotger
The Fat Cats Reunion Band are performing at the Savoy Hotel in Copenhagen.  Think that they are travelling back to Mallorca on 7th July 2016.

Here's a great photo of them taken in Denmark.  :-)
Can't believe we are mentioning August already! I for one have not seen any sunshine yet. Who are the lucky ones flying out to the heat this month?  8)
Transport & Travel / The new tourist tax starting 1 July 2016
« Last post by Mary Lorenzo on June 29, 2016, 23:35:22 PM »
Had almost forgotten about this......

The controversial tourist tax kicks in from 1st July 2016.
Here is some information about it, courtesy of the Miramar Hotel in Puerto Pollensa.

Dear Sir or Madam,
As you already might know, the Balearic Parliament has recently passed Law 2/2016 on the Taxation of Tourist Accommodation on the Balearic Islands, which is set to enter into force next 1st July 2016. This tax will be applied to anyone staying in a tourist accommodation located on the Balearic Islands.
The tax will range between 50 cents and 2 Euros per person per day/part of a day depending on the type and category of accommodation, as listed below:
Types of tourist accommodation   € / day or part of a day
(a)   5-star, 5-star luxury and 4-star superior hotels, city hotels and aparthotels €2
(b)   4-star and 3-star superior hotels, city hotels and aparthotels   €1.5
(c)   1, 2 and 3-star hotels, city hotels and aparthotels €1
(d)   4-key and 4-key superior tourist apartments €2
(e)   3-key superior tourist apartments €1.5
(f)   1, 2 and 3-key tourist apartments €1
(g)   Non-residential accommodation establishments of tourism-residential companies   €2
(h)   Tourist holiday homes and homes subject to tourist stay marketing   €1
(i)   Rural hotels, agrotourisms and interior tourism accommodation   €1
(j)   Hostels, pensions, inns and camping sites   €0.5
(k)   Lodges and refuges   €0.5
(l)   Any other establishment of a “tourist character”   €1
(m)   Tourist cruise ships   €1

During low season (between 1st November and 30th April of the following year) the tax will be discounted by 50%. In addition, after nine days of any stay, the rate will also be cut by 50%. Children under the age of 16 are exempt from paying the tax.
Therefore, any natural person (over the age of 16) staying in a tourist accommodation on the Balearic Islands is obliged to pay the before mentioned tax to the owner of the establishment where he/she is staying.
As a mediator, you bear the subsidiary responsibility for paying the tax and, consequently, you are entitled to act as a representative of taxpayers in that respect. Therefore, we suggest that you read article 7 of Law 2/2016 on the Taxation of Tourist Accommodation on the Balearic Islands, a copy of which is enclosed herewith.
Furthermore, considering the large amount of questions that you might have regarding the new tourist tax on the Balearic Islands, we hereby provide you with the contact details of the Balearic Tax Agency: 901 201 530 /
Transport & Travel / Re: Airport car hire, and basic driving advice
« Last post by tonsyl on June 29, 2016, 19:24:12 PM »
OK, one experience is not a certainty but Transunion did well and they certainly appear to have a good setup. We will definitely use them for our next visit.
Transport & Travel / Re: Airport car hire, and basic driving advice
« Last post by Mary Lorenzo on June 29, 2016, 13:52:27 PM »
Good idea Tonsyl! The bus service is really very good, isn't it?
Was glad to read earlier that the Transunion transfers were good too, especially as the Hoppa ones are so poorly run now.  :)
Transport & Travel / Re: Airport car hire, and basic driving advice
« Last post by tonsyl on June 29, 2016, 11:06:25 AM »
Thanks for that Mary, very interesting to see but be more interested to find out how much they get in total revenue from the fines !
That said, I find it is sometimes no pleasure to drive around in the summer due to the vast numbers of hire cars and in the spring, the vast numbers of cyclists. Last week we did not hire a car and relied on public transport and do you know, we got on just as well. OK, we were staying in the town as against a villa in the countryside but at this time of year perhaps a car is a luxury not a necessity.
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