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Wine drinking!
« on: May 04, 2012, 09:07:06 AM »
The Mallorcan consume 17.9% more than 'Vino de la Tierra'
The protected geographical indication in 2011 sold more than 13.7% by 2010

PC sales volume of Vino de la Tierra de Mallorca in 2011 reached the 13,918.73 hectoliters, an increase of 13.7% over the previous year. In 2010 12,918.07 hectoliters were sold.

Positive behavior was widespread in all types of wine (white, red and pink), but rose wine which showed a higher sales growth, of around 39.2%. Although, proportionately, red wine was the majority and which accounted for 71.9% of total marketing.

The most important destination of these sales was the local market. 71.3% of total sales volume was sold in the Balearic Islands. Over the previous year, sales in the autonomous region increased by 17.9%. They went from 8421.10 to 9931.61 hectoliters.

The market has trended upward since 2007, although the greatest increase occurred in 2010 and which sold 61% more wine. It went from 5144.70 to 8421.10 hectoliters.

Mainland market

Given this positive note is the loss of market share in the peninsula. The decline is 45.6% were sold for only 307.40 564.76 hectoliters compared to the previous year. It should be noted, moreover, that the peninsula is the worst market for Vino de la Tierra de Mallorca, is where far less is sold. The numbers of the Government show that last year were sold 2,568.82 hectoliters in the European market and in third countries 1110.96 hectoliters.

The figures for production and marketing of wine, 2011 have also a curious, because while on one hand increase sales, the number of growers and winemakers that of the other decreases the production for the first time in years. In 2011 14,939.19 hectoliters were produced while in 2010 was 16,735.76, representing 10.7% less. Were developed more white and rose wines in 2010 but his behavior was not bullish enough to offset the lower production of red wine over the previous year.

The winemakers have noticed the increase in sales. Ramon Coll, co-owner of Son Bordils (Inca) believes should be attributed to "increased promotional in general. The Government has supported the entire sector and now the name of Majorca is in itself a mark of quality." About the increase of the internal market, Coll argues that it is strategic. It is no coincidence, is the work of many years of promotion and we are consolidating. The bulk of sales are produced restaurateurs and hoteliers, and through them we are coming to a regular tourist "For Coll, is also very important that" the restorers have understood the need to reduce their profit margin, they were selling overpriced wine with the excuse that it was Mallorcan. "

Value for money

Araceli Servera Policy Hereus de Ribas (Consell) notes that "the great battle has been the quality. It is a bet that we're winning and we have identified as European consumers are looking to Mallorca." The winery claims that "many regular visitors did before collection of wine in France or in the peninsula and now buy much here to be because the value for money is very good."

After all is said and done, a lot more will be said than done!

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