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November memories
« on: November 23, 2012, 10:15:41 AM »
Did the Sky fall on you Chicken Little?

Autumn is a season of change, but how much changes and how much stays the same when you travel out to Puerto Pollensa?
As we left London, the men were out with their leaf blowers, tidying the streets by blowing all the falling leaves down private drives. I averted my eyes to avoid glaring at them as we hurried away in the taxi, taking time to call out a quick goodbye to our daughter as she dashed off to work.

Fast-forward one week to our welcome home cup of tea and a catch up.

Me, after usual checks :  What was the weather like whilst we were away?

Daughter: Awful!  It poured down most days, and the sky was just that horrid grey all the time.  Everyone hid under their brollies on the way to the station and the trains were delayed because of leaves falling on the line. Trying to get lunch was a nightmare with miserable waiters and wet coats everywhere, and everyone was moaning about how many days left for Christmas shopping. Everyone just rushed home from work to sit in front of the TV – no dates for me this week – and even the bedraggled birds just sat hunched up under the dripping trees. The boiler packed up at home and it was freezing, even huddling round the plug in radiator. Had the microwave meals and just had early nights.  How about you? I expect it was pretty quiet now at the end of the season.

Me:  Well, there were some similarities.  Weather was absolutely spectacular. Storms for two solid days, with hailstones on the mountains as big as tennis balls.  We found that out when we met some friends of friends in the Café the following morning, after stopping to feed the ducks that flew onto the pathway from an upturned boat by the side of the marina!  Everyone was talking about the trees that had almost been uprooted and causing some concern. When we walked down to them with the wind blowing away the cobwebs, we stopped to chat to some other onlookers, all giving our opinion of what should be done.
You could see the next storm coming over the mountains with the tops just disappearing as it rolled down, following the increasingly strong wind, which blew the pine trees and whipped up the sea that rolled over the seaweed. We watched the birds soar on the wind and the egrets perch on the backs of the woolly sheep in the luscious fields. 
There were so many dates blown off of the palm trees that you could have filled a fair few of those Christmas date boxes! The sky changed dramatically from scudding white clouds, to silver lined black ones, then to red fire evening ones.

The sun came out for the two days of the Firas though, and we even got a bit of a tan! There was street music, fresh produce, crafts, and funfairs. Sugary churros fried whilst you wait and everyone chatting and calling to friends and buying from the stalls.
In the evening we had some great meals out, all freshly cooked and the owners took time to chat and discuss how the year’s business had been and what would be happening next with all the celebrations. Many had their fires on to take away the damp in the air and they added to the cosy warm atmosphere.
 No one bothered too much about TV when the storms knocked out the signal, as there was live music in the bars at night and everyone braved the weather to go out in support, eat, sing, chat and have a great time and go home late! 

A different feel from the summer season but it was actually just as full with things to do, places to go and people to see.  The weather just added to the experience rather than something to be moaned about.
Some days the weather was warm enough and bright enough for sunglasses and at other times wild and dangerous, but in Puerto Pollensa you embrace what ever it is and enjoy the change, rather than shut yourself away indoors.

Daughter: Mm. Not quite so similar then. So could you say that the Sky really did Fall, and you enjoyed seeing the island shaken not stirred?

Me: Well you could, it certainly has a licence to thrill, but wherever you see it, it’s great to experience and discuss it with Bond … Brooke Bond! 


After all is said and done, a lot more will be said than done!

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Re: November memories
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2012, 10:26:11 AM »
Excellent description of November in Puerto Pollensa!
Happy memories of last week  :D


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Re: November memories
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2012, 12:03:48 PM »
Excellent writing Bella - enjoyed reading it and very descriptive! Those storms are something else aren't they! Glad you had a good time.  ;D

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.