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In the DdM today, will we all be scrumping Carob trees now!!   ;)

Beer carob, a fever among fans
Antoni Andreu Ferriol, the discoverer of the drink, receives multiple requests to organize preparation courses
The inventor of the carob beer pours a glass of drink at one of the participating students for the first try.  Pep Córcoles
Antoni Andreu Ferriol theory explains the brewing participants of the day yesterday.

Pep Córcoles Inca Ferriol Antoni Andreu is a young Inca who by chance stumbled upon the formula for brewing from the carob and most common medicinal plants of Mallorca. Not have the capital to undertake a project that will allow industry-wide manufacturing it, but he did not keep his secret while waiting for it.

"An acquaintance gave beer with a yeast that allowed developing a very special beer. When identified several batches of dough made with her mother and divided among its competitors. Their children told him he was crazy and said, what if we lose yeast? "explains Ferriol. With that philosophy has decided to organize workshops to teach anyone who wants to brew carob.

Daily receives more requests and so dedicated to teaching courses on Sundays. Yesterday saw one of them in the cafeteria is known Inca Quarter. Several dozen people took part in the intensive course of a few hours and produced its first beer.

After an initial introductory talk Ferriol gave students try the beer that had been developed a few weeks ago. Everyone gasped. "I was pleasantly surprised. Was not expecting that resembled both the current beer", Antoni espetaba Calafell, participant. Freriks Lilian felt that he had found "just beer".

The strangeness of the participants is understandable because nobody expects the carob obtain a beer so like usual sold in cafes and shops. "The taste of the carob is very soft, barely audible," Xavi said Quintas.

Barley, wheat, corn, hops, malt. Ingredients are easily interact with beer. The carob seems an outsider in this world, but claims instead. Antoni that began brewing craft, with barley, about seven years ago and discovered by chance carob. "Two years ago I began to prepare beer. Needed to germinate the barley, which triplicase volume and then dry. Following that process had to ferment and it happened that soured me. I found everything ready and no raw material so I decided to improvise "said the young man. As had pods by hand, from the farm of a neighbor, tried to make the fermentation using the popular fodder Leguminosae and the result surprised.

"I started from zero and gradually, with the help of a group of people, I've been perfecting both the development and the formula," he says
After all is said and done, a lot more will be said than done!

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