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Edition 2
« on: June 26, 2011, 17:42:42 PM »
Welcome to the second edition of THE BONYGRAPH . At the time of writing we have had nearly 56,000 hits, according to the webhoster, since we first published last week so many ,many thanks for all your interest. Even had old Rupert on the phone from New York asking what the secret was !!
Well, what has been the main talking point since then ? Funny enough the good folk here have all gone British and the main topic of conversation has been the weather .

As many of you have already seen Whit Week holiday turned bad mid week and we were plunged back into cold and wild weather. This week brought us thunder storms with many tales of swimming pools being flooded, power cuts and wifi routers being burnt out in the hours of lightening and thunder. There's an old fashioned Spanish saying which states " Don't cast out ( meaning your winter clothes ) before the 40th of May !!!" The 40th of May actually falls tomorrow ( June 11th ) and it's fair to say the forecast is looking brighter despite the odd clap of thunder today. Really looks like Summer is, at last, gonna settle down next week.

Couple of new eateries opened this week. Famous local character Miguel opened Miguelon in the premises previously occupied by G & G and ,last Wednesday Casablanca , a Moroccan restaurant opened it's doors on the site previously Diablito. Reviews , if any of you have partaken ,please to the BonyChat. Was gutted to see JKs ( aka as Just Kevin's ) close it's doors. I mean where else could you have one eye on the Watford v Scunthorpe game and the other on the dartboard ( iiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn one !!) on a wet Monday night in January ? Pleased to say that Kevin is opening again in about ten days time in new premises so hopefully what was a history of footie and sports drama over the years is going to live on. Best of luck, Kev .

The political scene here, with a hung Council,is still undecided and by tomorrow a Mayor has to be elected by law. Sadly trust in politicians has reached an all time low. Be interesting to see what the state is when they "open the books" cos it's estimated that the Island is 475m Euros in debt . It's reported that vans from the biggest paper shredding and recycling company in Spain have been spotted everywhere. Hopefully we'll all know shortly, but could be a poisoned chalice to the victors.

They think it's all over ........ well it still ain't cos the beach fiasco drags on. Apparently there is a meeting of the Neighbourhood Association with the Council next Thursday. New Company is alleged not to have delivered services and equipment as specified in the contract . Coupled with the allegation that the beach company still owes taxes in it's previous disguises and that the placement of contracts to companies with unpaid debts does not meet necessary compliance. Remains to be seen whether the Council Services Dept takes over the running or there is a compromise in the present arrangement. However hamacas and shades all in place now but many demands to change the contracting process to avoid the farce we have had this year.

The Old Elephant ( see picture left ) is being talked about quite a lot and is becoming quite a landmark in town. " Turn left at the Elephant, Meet you at the Elephant etc etc " . Little bird tells me that a few folks ain't too happy with it's nocturnal habits so watch this space for further news.
Talking of elephants, did any of you folk see that giant Daffy Duck waving to the traffic from the Gotmar roundabout last week ? What was that all about ? If you are in the know just drop us a post on the Forum.

HEY. YOU. Get off of my cloud ( of wonderful ) !!