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Labelling for Olive Oil
« on: December 09, 2014, 16:13:17 PM »
Courtesy of the Olive Oil Times:-
Just in time, consumers are reminded that, from December 13 2014, new laws on EU labeling laws will come into effect which mandate more transparent label information.

The recently-amended EU marketing standards for olive oil (regulation 29/ 2012) require the following:-

Information that has to appear on olive oil packaging must be in the main field of vision in a uniform body of text. The EU hopes this will stop a misleading practice sometimes seen whereby some information, such as about the quality of the oil, or the country of origin appears in a smaller font;
The back label of olive oil bottles must indicate that they should be stored in a cool, dark place. This aims at helping consumers maintain the quality of their oil longer;
The harvest year may only be stated on the label if all the olive oil is from that harvest. This is said to be to enable consumers to ensure product freshness;
EU member states must strengthen compliance checks – based on risk analysis – as well as sanctions, and send more detailed annual reports to the Commission on these checks and the outcomes.
The olive oil industry has welcomed the news: “No doubt the obligation to make the indication of origin on the front of the bottles of extra virgin olive oil, which was previously only expected on the back of the label, is a step forward for full transparency and proper information for the consumer,” said Assitol Federolio.

The clearer labelling is seen as a step in the right direction for consumers and a way to add value in this black moment for producers.

Meanwhile, enforcement efforts are being beefed up to combat the expected surge in falsely labelled olive oils, including those claiming to be made in Italy or Spain and substandard oils labelled as 'extra virgin'.