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Interview with Andres Nevado of Emser
« on: November 25, 2015, 11:22:42 AM »
Here is a Goggle translation of the interview which took place with Andres Nevado by the local Unio Mollera Pollencina.  It is interesting to note that the Council have plans for the  tree-lined Avenida Bocchoris that is currently where a group of down-and-outs hang out.....

Interview with Andrew Nevado: "there are a thousand things in motion right now"

Yesterday, Monday 23 November 2015 we interviewed Andrés Nevado, Councillor Delegate of the port, in charge of the area of public services and the municipal company Emser, to inform you of the plans of the team of government and the work that the city is doing with special interest In those that affect the port de pollenca.

Andrés, we know that you've travelled to address issues of municipality, can you tell us where you've travelled and for what?

Yes, indeed. Days 15 and 16 of the past month of October 2015 I travelled to Lleida with the manager of Emser. We are witnessing the fair municipalia to see machinery and equipment specifically designed for municipal uses and public. We saw machines for cleaning and sweeping very interesting, containers of waste, parks and playgrounds, street furniture, etc. We have acquired a mixed truck with crane central that will devote ourselves to the collection of waste, it serves both for the selective collection as the organic waste. The delivery is scheduled for the month of may.
We are also considering the purchase of a system of pressure washing that would serve to wash the fleet of vehicles and trucks, containers of waste, the streets and the terraces.
By the way, emser has acquired a mini-Backhoe for all the work of placement of pipes and couplers and make ditches. Until now it was renting which was a high cost for rentals and little effectiveness in the work to have to be vigilant of the availability of the machines.
We also spent some time in Barcelona the 19th of this month of November to attend a few workshops on systems of recycling and waste collection organized by the provincial government of Barcelona. It was a trip well spent, to be attentive to the latest news at work systems that apply to the project of the new deixallería of pollença.

Explain in what it consists of the project of the new rubbish recycling arrangements.

The current rubbish collection is little functional, the system of recovery and recycling is deficient, and we want to improve the contribution of Pollença island to the plans of selective collection. In addition, the access is not practical, the road is narrow and should be dedicated to vehicular traffic individuals and not at the level of heavy trucks loaded with waste.
The new rubbish and recylcing centre will be located at the site of Pollença, more near the port and the cove that the current, access will be more comfortable, the system of selection will be faster and more efficient, cleaner, and will allow us to a better control of the Types and quantities of materials that are being recycled.
In Barcelona we were also studying new urban collection systems that are being implemented successfully in other municipalities. We must be attentive to the new techniques to try to improve our systems of work.

Tell us now please de la cala sant vicenç. What are you going to do to improve it?

It has already been commissioned to an office of engineers in the development of the plan of improvement in the cove. Our municipal technicians are saturated with work and we couldn't wait to have time for this project so I speed up encargándolo to an external team. We plan to make the transformation of the cove by stages throughout all this mandate.
Now with immediate effect we will pursue the work of the improvement of the stretch of road between cala molins and cala carbó. We pull out the wall to rebuild it on a concrete foundation to give her consistency, repair the holes and damaged and asfaltaremos again. This road belongs to the consell, but, once again, we can't wait for others, in this case the consell, do at their convenience the work that we consider to be essential, so that the city will take care of the work. This will cost us 68.000 euros. The works cost 118.000 euros, but we'll get 50.000 of the consell.
It is also important to inform you that we have already reached an agreement with the consell for the start of the project for the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of the road from the cove with the Puerto Pollensa-to improve the safety of the area. The same project will include the asphalting of the road from pollensa to the port.

How are the work of the improvement of the street lighting of the port?

We're still working on the improvement of the illumination of the centre of the port that started a few weeks ago. In the area between La Golla, Joan Xxiii and Paseo Saralegui we have finished the replacement of the lamps anchored in the building facades and the change of light bulbs for LED Lights, which will result in a significant energy savings, and the difference between the current and the lighting above is huge, now we can go for a walk at night by these streets with very good visibility. We will continue with the replacement of the lamps anchored on the sidewalks. I'm sure we can take advantage of some of the feet of light that are in good condition, but we'll change the screens and the lights.
Below we will pursue the improvement of illumination of the area between the streets buades vicenç, formentor and pere melia. In that area, in addition, we will have to change the wiring of some of the streets like the llevant and metge llopis which is in very poor conditions. At the end of that area pass to pollença to improve the lighting, some of the areas of the centre are in poor conditions. And we will continue until we've improved all the lighting of the municipality.

Tell us now from the rest of the work that you're doing.

Well, there's a thousand things in motion right now. I can tell you, for example, that we have begun to fill in the holes of the trees of the sidewalks with a resin of aspect of gravel that allows you to spend the rain water and irrigation and adapts to the growth of the trees but prevents those holes become small Garbage Cans.
We have submitted two projects at soib to take advantage of the grants for recruitment of staff for six months for completion of work on time. If we approve of them immediately, we will be able to undertake the work of the removal of architectural barriers in all parts of the municipality, and cleaning of all the roads.
In Gotmar are fixing the damage of phases 1 AND 2, and the bid of the third stage is already underway. If all goes as planned we trust start its implementation by the end of next month of January / early February.

Andrew, you tell me of the work of improvement in the first line?

Look, the work has been initiated, although we are not satisfied with the pace of the works. We are in full in the purchase of materials needed for the improvements to the initial project and we have this week of meetings with the company, I propose that we see in a few days to talk exclusively for this project, I assure you that there's a lot to tell.

Some other project that comment?

If clear, this week we started the construction of the park of the Avenue Bocchoris which will include a zone of exercises for adults, a children's playground, a zone of games and training for dogs and a pee-Pee-can. Each area separated from each other and with the adequate accesses. These works will improve the general appearance of the area and will encourage the neighbors to walk in this beautiful area of the port.

Grateful for the time that he has devoted let Andres in his office in the building Miguel Capllonch, surrounded by projects, samples, budgets and papers, very active and lively, with a desire to work. And that we are very glad.

Port de Pollença, 23 November 2015