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Edition 3
« on: July 22, 2011, 15:05:35 PM »

" PHEW , WOT A SCORCHER !!!! " . Sort of headline our sister paper " The Sun " would be printing by now . Sorry , Guys , but this is a serious tome so no leggy Page 3 luverlies here.

Locals now in shorts , shirtless Chavs wandering the market, Jose's sweet bill through the roof and of course the local swimming pool gets closed down cos the leccy bill aint be paid !! Really couldn't make it up . Fortunately the Council have now agreed to put the meter in their name ( and bunged in 5,000 Euros ) so hopefully the Ladies water aerobics class will be splashing about with me Monday morning !!
Schools out for Summer from Wed for the long three month break so timetable looks like schools break 22nd May, Mum's hit Valium 29th May , Summer school start 4th July, Mum's off Valium July 11th !!!!.
Apart from the heat I suppose the main talking points this week have been the International Space Station whizzing through the night sky last Sunday and of course, the total eclipse of the Moon Wed night. As predicted by many of the World's leading astronomers the Balearic Island was always going to be one of the best viewing points in the world . We were certainly not disappointed with the full Umbra appearing just after ten and the reducing eclipse for the next hour or two. Some amazing shots of the moon turning pink but unfortunately our official astra photographer had embibed too much and left the lens cap on his camera !!! Final written warning for him !!!
We finally chose a new Mayor last Saturday, so welcome to Tomeu Citfre and we look forward to you doing as much for the Port as possible. Council still hung, but our man representing the Port , Paco Garcia will be using his crucial vote to influence as much improvement here as possible given the taxes we raise towards Pollenca. This paper will always be apolitical, but will always support sound ideas on improving life here. Paco is keen to turn the "old school " courtyard into a kiddies playground and relieve the square . Wants to close the road outside the Cultural so that the kiddies can freely enter and leave. Eminently sensible idea to me. Over and above this, he wants more dedicated, municipal workers including the police to be more assigned to the Port so that we can build much more of a community spirit here. Will try and get a full interview with him for the next edition on his vision for the Port , so keep reading , Folks !!! Sadly we will not know the full extent of the financial problems we face until they have to declare after 100 days

They think it is all over part 94 !!!!. Sorry to have to report we still don't know the final decision on the beach services. A meeting was held last Thursday between the Council and the Neighbourhood Association on the current contract and a final decision is expected by the end of July . It may be that the beds/sombreros have to be replaced in August , but only maybe . If this happens this place is going to be the laughing stock of Mallorca . Have been assured though if this occurs the work will be carried out between the hours of 5 p.m. and darkness to minimise the disruption to our visitors. If you are here many shops are giving you the opportunity to sign a petition to generally get the whole beach thing here sorted out ( wider brief than the sunbeds issue ) so sign up if you see it. It's only by making our voices heard will we be able to improve things in the longterm .

Now . Just a warning to you good folk out there. The temperature is rising, but unfortunately the incidences of petty crime are as well . Horrible thing to say but do NOT offer assistance to strangers in car parks or supermarkets , 99 percent of them are scams and they will just relieve you of your possessions . Always keep your wallets and handbags close to you . You just don't want to waste one day of your well deserved break phoning credit card companies or filing police reports. BE CAREFUL and don't let the sun rule your head !!

HEY. YOU. Get off of my cloud ( of wonderful ) !!