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Edition 5
« on: September 13, 2011, 18:49:19 PM »
Posters went up just over a week ago. Voting takes place next week to choose the main protagonists in this years Moors v Christians conflict which takes place annually in Pollenca on Aug 2nd . Strange how you can vote to pick who gets their heads bashed in with big wooden sticks , but a great example of how different cultures seem to be comfortable with their history . Cannot imagine , us Brits, re-enacting the Crusades on Hampstead Heath regularly with a glorified punch up between Christians and Muslims , well you just know it ain't gonna happen !

Talking to a local , the other day about this Saturday's St Christopher's Day and he was asking me what Saint's days we celebrate in England . Errrr, not many was my riposte cos apart from a few folk wearing a red rose in their lapel on St George's Day , couldn't really think of any . Anyway this Saturday sees the Fiesta de San Cristobal , the patron Saint of travellers . Think about as pc as " Top Gear " !!!. Lorry drivers gather for Mass in Pollenca church at 8 a.m. , vehicles all bedecked with bunting . They will then take a tour of Pollenca , throwing sweets to kiddies along the way. Pit stop for liquid refreshments , tour of Cala San Vicence , another pit stop and then onto the Port . You will be able to catch it here at about 12.30 ish lunchtime but you can't miss it cos you will know exactly where they are cos the horns will be blasting away. Finish at Trios for a full lunch and then escorted home again by the local Police . Anyone imagine this happening around the M25 ??? No, I think not !!!

By now, most of you will have heard that the Fireworks and Beach Party for the Fiesta Virgen del Carmen have been cancelled due to a serious lack of funding. I understand that the budget for local fiestas is three times higher for Pollenca than for the Port !! Just how fair is that ?? Excellent Blog by Andrew in the Daily Bulletin last week on whether it is the right time to reconsider these local festivals including the Pollenca Music Festival which got way, almost unpublished , last weekend. If they are to be promoted more at visitors , they are currently very locally focused , is it not time to look at other funding sources , including the central Balearic Tourism budget rather than relying on local tax payers . Personally, I'm always up for a good craic , but , equally want my bins emptied regularly and to sleep in my bed knowing the Police are around . Give us your views , please, on the Bonychat Forum .

Great news last week on the Serra Tramuntana . Granted UNESCO World Heritage status and the only Spanish candidacy to be accepted this year. This can only be good for the northern part of Mallorca . A management plan will be implemented to protect the area, encourage more organic farming and enhance and open up the area to many more visitors. This has to be great news for us here in PP . Many thanks to all those who fought so hard including Michael Douglas , who despite battling major health issues, did it for Mallorca .
Pleased to say Summer really in full swing now with lots of visitors here enjoying the marvellous weather . Sandcastles all built , restaurants and bars filling up more each night and all , appearing to have a good time. Looky, looky men out en masse , will let you know when we get the first Police bust on them, when it occurs . Caught the Brazilian acrobats flopping over in the Square last night but where, oh where are the Rumanian Glee Band ??? Haven't clapped eyes on them for ages . Anyone caught em ? Just drop us a line on the Forum, if you have.

Was hoping to have a fuller edition next time by taking in the Fiesta Virgen del Carmen so will have to wait and see what transpires

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