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Edition 6
« on: September 13, 2011, 18:52:45 PM »
Although the Fiesta has finished in PP the bunting still remains in place. Although many folk disappointed that the fireworks and beach party were cancelled a lot of people enjoyed what was on offer . The heart of the Fiesta still took place with the Mass and the procession of the Virgin and of course later the “ Demons” were as wild as ever  in the Batacuda . The music on successive nights was as good as ever with Mallorquian dancing on Friday and an excellent band on Saturday in the form of Pacha i Phoenix.  Probably square busier than ever on Saturday night with the beach party being cancelled and the locals turned out in force . Kiddies enjoyed the mini fun fair with rides , bungee jumping and the bouncy castle and the whole event certainly had that feelgood factor about it. Remains to be seen if the fireworks or the beach party ever get resurrected because there seems to be a general review of the make up of all Fiestas going on here at the moment  in Mallorca.Sadly, not all caused by financial constraints but loutish behaviour  as well. If you were there please post your views  on whether you felt  it was downgraded or not .

We know move onto the Moors v Christians in early Aug and the protagonists have been elected and the flags are coming out by the day here in the Port.
The Season really seems to be at height now, loads of happy holidaymakers  out at night looking like lobsters in their early days and well tanned after a few days. Cues are beginning to form at some of the more popular  eating venues so hopefully the season will turn out better than a lot of people expected . Pleased to see that the Council have agreed to allow an evening market in the Square on Tuesday and on the front on Thursday evening . This can only be good news in attracting more people into town but not quite such good news for us  Guys, married to shopaholics . Can’t imagine the Looky Looky men being too thrilled either !!

See that the Govt are going to fast track the second ring road ( i.e. Motorway status ) from Coll d’en Rabassa to Al Campo interjunction on the existing Motorway.  Hopefully agreement will be met with local residents and the finance forthcoming to enable a few more minutes to be knocked off the journey time from the airport up to our lovely PP. Seems like a distant memory when we had the long drag up through Consell, Binissalem and Inca on the old road which seemed to take forever and a worry on the way back cos frequently accidents blocked the road for hours.

Another good bit of local news with the Council now agreeing to the redevelopment of the Formentor Hotel. Loads of history to this place including Hollywood stars , politicians , royalty and the “great and the good “ . To regain this status can only have a beneficial knock on impact for us here.

HEY. YOU. Get off of my cloud ( of wonderful ) !!