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Edition 7
« on: September 13, 2011, 18:57:04 PM »
Got any old pesetas hidden away in your drawers ? Well, unless the US Senate come to their senses by Tuesday night we could be using them again by next weekend. If they fail to agree to increase their debt borrowing limit this will probably be the final straw that breaks the Eurozone Camel's back !. Hopefully logic will prevail otherwise it will be 166 pesetas to the pound. Now that's a thought to ponder. Seems like only yesterday ( it was in fact New Year's Eve 2001 ) we last used these " little pieces " , the literal translation of the peseta . Seem to recall , at this time , we were getting something like 250 little ones to the pound sterling which just goes to show how much the good old pound has fallen since then. Have many of you noticed that we still get receipts showing the charge in both Euros and Pesetas some ten years later. Maybe the Spanish thought it couldn't last . Watch this space .

Sad to see " El Bulli " closed it's doors for the last time, yesterday evening. Always rated as one of the world's greatest restaurants , situated some two hours north of Barcelona , it's chemical food creations inspired a demand that was unheard of in restaurant history. Millions applied through a lottery system to obtain the few seats that were available. The set menu would cost you 275 Euros per head excluding water and wine ( not sure if you were meant to drink wine with it's chemical concoctions ) and meals would take several hours to wade through. Never made a penny profit which ain't surprising given that they employed 70 Chefs. Really makes our choice of PP restaurants , where you can get MDD for around 15 Euros per head , extremely great value. So let's rejoice in what we have. Bet 15 Euros wouldn't even pay for a lump of sugar in old El Bulli !!
As you would have heard , weather been a bit unsettled this week in PP with storms occuring a couple of times . However settling down nicely now , I believe, and the forecast for August seems to be HOT,HOT,HOT so plenty of slip , slop , slap , Guys , if you are heading for the playas . Managed to bring great weather back with me to the UK . Only wish I could get a decent cup of coffee for 1.35 Euros here and sit in the pub garden til late without feeling the chill but hey, you can't have everything .

And so onto the final stages of La Patrona this week in Pollenca . Get your tea towels on your head, make up on and wooden sabres ready if you are feeling Moorish . Otherwise white sheets and wooden poles for the Christians. After a lot of music and merry making in the Square the revalling groups meet head on at San Jordi Square . Great fun if you ain't seen it and are lucky enough to be there , if not there are a couple of great videos on YOU TUBE from last years bash. Commentary you probably won't understand but the videos are great if you want to see what all the fuss is all about . If you do make it , personal photos will be very welcome on this site.

HEY. YOU. Get off of my cloud ( of wonderful ) !!