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Big fish at Formentor
« on: September 14, 2011, 11:48:07 AM »
We had a lovely day out sailing yesterday and anchored for a while in Formentor Bay-

After a lovely swim in the crystal clear, warm water we enjoyed a nice pick-nic and then fed the remains of the bread to the fish in the sea. 
We then spotted a very large fish in the shoals around us.  Our skipper said that it was a barracuda -  YIKES!!!

Talking about ´big fish´word on the street is that Tom Hanks and entourage are currently staying at the Formentor Hotel.....


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Re: Big fish at Formentor
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2013, 10:08:32 AM »
Had lovely sunbathing afternoon on Formentor beach yesterday. No parking fees and the carpark was probably more full than when there is!  We were only slightly surprised that it tends to be a little more liberal in its dress code at the end of the season, if you get my meaning, but nothing really shocking!!  ::)

We camped out up by the Hotel's restaurant/bar area, a bit of shade and a nice little cove type area all to ourselves. A lone seagull came paddling up out of the water and I broke some ginger biscuit to throw to him.  Next thing I knew it was like a scene out of The Birds! He screeched and threw his head back whilst 3 others came swooping down from no where trying to get the crumbs!  Those birds are flipping scarey up close and angry I can tell you!  By 3.30 the wind was getting a little chilly and we wanted to go to the pre fira fair later, so we turned our back to the sea and started shaking out the sandy towels.
Steve then turned round to face me shouting "Look! Look!"  I thought we were being mugged or something, but as I followed where he was pointing, there was a seagull which had pulled out a fish twice its size and had just dropped it, flapping around on the edge of the beach!  HUGE!   The fish won, and managed to swim away, whilst the gull turned its back haughtily pretending it didn't really want it anyway!  8)

Loving the wildlife at this time of year. Stories of goats to tell, and the teeny bird!  ;)
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