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Edition 1
« on: June 12, 2011, 18:03:36 PM »
"English Edition 1"
Welcome to the very first edition of THE BONYGRAPH and I hope you are going to enjoy reading it in the future. Please also join the new forum and share your experiences of Puerto Pollensa with as many folk as possible. Just a few ground rules to observe. Please don't be offensive or libellous to other people and strictly no naming of Premiership Footballers !!! Smoking is , however, totally permitted on this site. Please feel totally free to express your views on any subject relating to Puerto Pollensa and your experiences of either living or visiting here. The site is subject to no commercial influences so views, thoughts etc. can be expressed without fear or favour.

Now, where did we get to before I was interrupted a few weeks ago? Suppose the biggest talk at the moment around Town is the performance of the clowns running the beach services. You couldn't make up the farce that is going on here at the moment. It's absolutely pitiful to see families with young children trying to get shade on the beach at present with all the straw sombreros being removed. Here we are in half term week with loads of young families around and nearly into June and the beach services here are just an absolute joke. According to the DB they have been given a week to sort the whole sorry mess out but what an impression this must be making on visitors, many on a first time visit when impressions count for so much. After an awful Easter, weatherwise, here when so many families could not hit the beach you reall would have thought the relevant authorities would have been up and ready for one of the most important tourist weeks of the year.

As many of you will have seen we had the local elections just over a week ago. The week before polling was great fun with parties in the square most nights hosted by the various political groups. Goes without saying I voted for the Party that plied me with the most free vino and nosh !!! The Socialist Party held theirs in Bonys but afraid to say you had to pay for your own drinks so not many vote winners in that !!!! Anyway result, despite overwhelming victory for the PP throughout Spain a hung parliament here in Pollensa and it looks like a lot of horse trading going on at the moment to decide who is going to get into bed with whom and who might have the honour of being the next Major that the local businesses can throw rotten tomatoes at !!!!
Great fun as expected for the Champions League Final. Seems like the whole town was out on a lovely evening with many of the local bars packed. Add a good influx of visitors and it was a night to remember but probably, not quite as wild as last year when Spain won the World Cup. Have said before bit of an anti Catalan undercurrent here and was asked by many of the local population if I could possibly get any Man Utd flags flown in from the UK. Could have been a nice little earner if I'd had more time but if Barca make it again next year, and it looks highly likely, will be a little better prepared. Have to say best team won though and gracefully acknowledged by old Sourpuss , himself !!!!

Headed around afterwards to the opening of the new Buddha Bar but it was standing room only and packed to the gunnels. Is there an elephant in the room ? Boy is there an elephant in the port ? Life size elephant packed outside as big as a house, BonyLadette pleased cos it's got a sunshade over it and looks in good shape. Waiting to hear more about the entertainment but a lot of gals done up in Carnival type gear and it seems to offer some sophisticated shows with GoGos and the Tormenta Troupe along with a resident DJ. So, Guys, if any of you have partaken of the pleasures please drop us a post on the new Forum.

Season really getting underway, everyone has opened up and a real buzz to the place over the last week. Plenty of folks out and about at night and it has the feel of a good season. Hoteliers seem very pleased with the bookings for the Summer so hopefully a knock on effect on our favourite restaurants and bars.
So, please add to feelgood factor and get yourselves posting.

HEY. YOU. Get off of my cloud ( of wonderful ) !!