Author Topic: Throwing your own party!  (Read 969 times)

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Throwing your own party!
« on: April 16, 2012, 17:29:36 PM »
Quite often we have had family parties held in villas in Mallorca. It works well, and people have either stayed in various villas, apartments or hotels close by.  More people are holding these types of events now and it would be good to have a list of various outlets that do food, drink, furniture, decorations etc.  Please add them as you think of them or have experienced them.

We ordered our food and furniture from a company in Inca, who were amazing, but I cant remember who they were! Great start.

Those long red plastic tubes with the candles inside are great for night time along pathways and you can get those anywhere.

We hunted high and low for the paper streamers to hang across the trees, like the local fiestas do. Most places did the plastic ones, which help a lot if it starts to rain, but certainly dont give the rustle that you love to hear.

Then we came across a shop in Manacor, in a small plaza, that did everything to do with party decorations and found them there! All sorts of colours too, so we stocked up on them and actually brought some home and used them in the garden for my daughter's 21st party!  Has anyone else used this shop, or know if they still exist?

I always find cakes a bit of a let down though. Love the look of them, but find them far too sickly creamy. Anyone come across an english type of cake maker worth noting down?
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